Kirgen-Brand Introduction
    KIRGEN Bioscience Inc. is an US based company that devotes to the research & development, production and sales of quality disposable laboratory consumables. We pay close attention to the advanced progress in life science field and constantly introduce innovative products that are widely applied in areas of life science and clinical medicine etc to satisfy the changing needs of our customers.
    KIRGEN consumables are all manufactured from high grade materials with state-of-the-art technology in accordance with QSR standard of FDA, no release agent are used during the whole production process to ensure clarity and uniformity of products, the liquid residue is successfully minimized to the lowest level within field; we manufacture in 100,000-grade clean environment according to cGMP standard to meet the requirement of DNase/RNase free and non-pyrogens, every piece of item will be tested by our rigorous QA/QC system before sales to ensure all products achieving and exceeding the highest quality standard in industry.
    KIRGEN endeavor to ensure all products meeting and surpassing the highest quality standards in life science filed and the most competitive price available to users; Furthermore, we provide OEM service of laboratory supplies to satisfy the constantly changing needs from customers.
    In order to comprehensively serve the Greater China Region and neighboring countries, KIRGEN set up our Asian Pacific headquarter in Shanghai, which available with professional stock management and real time logistics system that allowing users to keep abreast of storage information, which greatly improved supply service and ensured smooth logistics flow.
 Kirgen-Core Value
Passion: the pursuit of ideals and commissions, the spirit of never giving up, the eagerness to behave.
Teamwork: result-oriented, understand and trust your team, take responsibility and share honor.
Innovation: transcend ego, pursue excellence, improve performance, do best, stay positive and embrace change.
Customer first: customer first, employees second, shareholders come last. Approaching customer to know better, start up and constantly improve service mechanism.
Dedication: devote to entrepreneurship, dedicate to career, make perfection and strive for progress, follow necessary work flow and make commitment.

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