Category】 Consumables ->>Centrifuge Tubes
Description】 15ml Centrifuge tubes,8000g,PP,Sterile
Format】25/bag, 20bag/cs
Kirgen has set a new standard for our famous conical centrifuge tubes, not only satisfy your normal centrifugal requirement, also offer multiple uses for sample preservation, reagent preparation etc High quality PP material in accordance with FDA, ultra-transparent wall, easy to observe Sterile, DNAse/RNAse free, non-pyrogenic Tube covered leak-proof seal design, single-hand operation switch Five star high-precision mold, minimize sample residual Blue graduations printed to max volume, large white writing area for easy sample identification Extreme temperature range of -80°C and -20°C Maximum centrifugal force to 9500×g and 8000×g respectively
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