Category】 Consumables ->>Micro Centrifuge Tubes
Description】 1.5ml Microcentrifuge tubes,Colorless,Clear,Scale
Format】500 /unit, 10 units/cs
The choice of microcentrifuge tube has vital importance to the success of a lab, Kirgen tubes can bring you brand-new experience with reliable quality.We have set a rigorous examination system to ensure all tubes meet the relevant international standard to satisfy your need; test index include: leakproofness, centrifugal force, tube wall rigidity, cap-touch comfort etc. Kirgen microcentrifuge tubes are made from high quality PP materials with extensive chemical compatibility; Atutoclavable and sterilized Withstand a max centrifugal force to 25,000×g, DNAse/RNAse free, non pyrogens. No release agent and surface coating used in production process Ultra-smooth inner wall to reduce sample attachment No heavy metal element and organics contained in colorful tubes. Lock design to ensure leakproofness High quality raw materials, ultra-clear wall, easy to observe Clear and precise graduation for easy identification Unique semi-closed fuction, reduce the number of sample contamination caused by operationConical bottom, fits most centrifuge motors
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